"Please, I need help. I don't want to have this baby!"

Your gift of $10 to the Abortion Support Network will support women seeking abortion care in Ireland

Marie knew she wanted an abortion at 8 weeks, when having the procedure in the UK would have cost £350. With delays in getting a travel Visa, the cost is now £600, and may soon end up costing £1310. "Please," Marie wrote, to the Abortion Support Network, "I need help. I don't want to have this baby!"

Marie, and several other Irish women, are waiting right now to travel to the UK, so they can have the abortion care they need. Ireland's ban is so extreme that earlier this year, a migrant woman who was raped and suicidal was denied an abortion, detained in a hospital, then force fed and given a c-section at 25 weeks by court order. Your $10 contribution will help a woman recover the authority over her own life that every pregnant woman deserves.

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  • Asn-logo Abortion Support Network fund Nonprofit Abortion Support Network provides financial assistance and accommodation to women traveling from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Funding is available on a case by case basis depending on financial need and availability of funding. We also provide confidential, non-judgmental information to anyone who contacts us via phone or email who is seeking information about traveling to England for an abortion, as well as information about reputable providers of early medical abortion pills by post. Grant eligibility is not influenced by gender identity.
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