Sarah* needs your help

Stand with this mother of four and all abortion patients

Conservatives are furious that the DC Abortion Fund offers a silver coat hanger pendant for donors who give $10 or more every month, and they're bombarding volunteers with harassing and threatening emails and phone calls to let them know. They're jamming the phone lines hoping they can block the calls of women like Sarah.*

Sarah is a 32 year old mother of 4, with numerous health problems that have led to her being unemployed, including a terrible car accident and a seizure disorder. She's trying to enroll in disability, but the state's backlog means that she has no income right now and is just trying to support her children. DC Abortion Fund is working to help her, and everyone who calls their volunteer-staffed hotlines looking for help affording abortion care. Stand with them, with Sarah, and everyone who refuses to go back to the bad old days when desperate women would try to induce abortions at home with coat hangars.

* - Not her real name.

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