Free Grandma Hardy

Stand with us to free Ms. Phyllis Hardy and heal communities injured by mass incarceration.

Would we think differently about incarcerating people if sentences included five years without soap or toilet paper, 10 years without menstrual hygiene supplies, 15 years of wearing filthy clothes, 20 years of being coerced into sex in order to get simple hygiene products that any free person can buy at their local convenience store? Would we be outraged if sentences like that were handed down for charges of petty theft or drug possession, as is true of most incarcerated persons? Sadly, these are the kinds of sentences routinely handed out by prosecutors, juries and judges.

In ten years the incarceration rate for women in general has increased 400%, while for African American women, it's increased 800%. Some communities are on their second generation of mass incarceration and family disruption, worsened by discriminatory policing and long mandatory minimum sentences in an era of steadily decreasing crime.

The United States must protect the human rights of all persons in state custody, and begin investing in the rehabilitation of individuals and communities devastated by the world's highest incarceration rate. Thank you for joining us in that fight.

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