Fund Texas Choice

Help these women make their appointments.

Sylvia (not her real name) couldn't raise the money for her abortion early enough; her procedure costs $12,000 now. She has to fly Colorado, but she lives in a small Texas town without an airport. She’d have to make her way to Houston before even being able to get on a plane, and since her church has already helped her out with the cost of the procedure, the additional cost of travel would be too much for her social network to handle.

Another Colorado-bound patient had to lie about her whereabouts so that someone would watch her kids. A caller in Dallas would like to drive to Albuquerque, but her car won’t make it, and she can’t afford the auto repairs. A fourth person needed to travel out of state a few days ago, and the clock is ticking for her.

Helping these four people access abortion care would cost about $5,000, which is Fund Texas Choice’s entire budget for the month. And January is barely half over. Will you help?

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