Voice of Choice

Protecting a peaceful response to clinic bullies

“Voice of Choice” was established as a calm, measured response to anti-abortion activists. They got sued for it, for $23,000,000. Their lawyers worked for free and got the case dismissed, but it cost them $28,000. Voice of Choice would appreciate your help with any amount to try and make up the difference.

Recipients & Amounts

  • Voc-logo-shadow Voice of Choice Tax Deductible We use email, telephone and social media in peaceful, person-to-person counter-protests against groups that target abortion facilities, providers and patients, as well as their families and communities. We don’t question anyone’s right to express opinions and ideals; we challenge their bullying tactics and their contempt.
  • Rh RH Reality Check Tax Deductible Reproductive health & justice: news, analysis, action.
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