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"I don't want to die," Beatriz told the New York Times this week.

The lupus-stricken, 22 year old mother's doctors have said that continuing her pregnancy is highly likely to kill her. That wasn't good enough for the Supreme Court of El Salvador, who've now denied her a life-saving abortion.

All funds collected for Beatriz are being accepted by Women's Link Worldwide, an international organization working to promote women's rights. Women's Link will act as a non-profit, pass-through of tax-deductible contributions to the local Salvadoran organization Agrupación Ciudadana por la Despenalización del Aborto Ético, Terapéutico y Eugenésico, which is leading the legal fight on the ground for Beatriz. All funds will first and foremost be used for Beatriz's medical bills, and any remaining funds will be used to help support the work of the Agrupacion.

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