Free Alicia Beltran

National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) is fighting for Alicia's civil rights. You can help.

Alicia Beltran found herself handcuffed, shackled, taken to court without a lawyer, and detained in an inpatient drug treatment facility for being honest about a medical history that included past dependency on prescription painkillers. The State of Wisconsin provided an attorney for her fetus, but not for her. Without evidence of harm to either herself or the fetus, Alicia was made a ward of the state, all her rights and liberties suspended – including her right to have an abortion if that had been what she wanted.

With local counsel and colleagues at the Reproductive Justice Clinic at the NYU School of Law, NAPW is suing for Alicia's immediate release from custody because they believe that pregnancy shouldn't be a nine-month suspension of constitutional personhood. If you agree that pregnant women are people, too, stand with them today.

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