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[Is your abortion fund missing from this list? That's terrible! Write our campaign director, at natasha[at]rhrealitycheck[dot]org, and she'll sign you right up. Please include the name of your fund in the subject line for a faster response.]

Recipients & Amounts

  • Asn-logo Abortion Support Network fund Nonprofit Abortion Support Network provides financial assistance and accommodation to women traveling from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Funding is available on a case by case basis depending on financial need and availability of funding. We also provide confidential, non-judgmental information to anyone who contacts us via phone or email who is seeking information about traveling to England for an abortion, as well as information about reputable providers of early medical abortion pills by post. Grant eligibility is not influenced by gender identity.
  • Carolina_abortion_fund Carolina Abortion Fund Nonprofit The Carolina Abortion Fund was founded in 2011 by a group of volunteers who wanted to assist low-income patients in North Carolina who have chosen to have an abortion but cannot afford the whole cost. We believe that income should not limit individuals' ability to make reproductive decisions.
  • Screen_shot_2013-10-11_at_3.24.51_pm DC Abortion Fund Nonprofit DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) is an all-volunteer nonprofit that makes grants to women in DC, Maryland, and Virginia who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. DCAF affirms women as decision-makers. We hope to make “choice” a reality because we believe that a woman’s right to healthcare should not depend on her wallet.
  • Ema-fund-logo Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund Tax Deductible The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion (EMA) Fund is a resource of grants and financial counseling for people in eastern Massachusetts who are unable to cover the full cost of their abortions.
  • Screen_shot_2014-09-20_at_9.32.05_pm Emergency Medical Assistance Tax Deductible Emergency Medical Assistance, Inc. (EMA) is an independent nonprofit organization serving Palm Beach County and surrounding areas in South East Florida. EMA improves lives by helping to provide funding for abortions for women and girls who are faced with an unintended or problem pregnancy which they cannot afford to terminate. The majority of women and girls that we help are single, impoverished, unemployed or underemployed, mothers with one or more children. EMA preserves clients' privacy and dignity while ensuring high quality and safe medical care when they face this difficult situation.
  • Fund-texas-choice Fund Texas Choice Tax Deductible Fund Texas Choice is a non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas that helps individuals access abortion by providing practical support as well as information. For individuals who have no other means of transportation, we sometimes provide bus tickets and in special cases airfare that brings an individual to the nearest abortion clinic, and may cover hotel rooms so that patients who've traveled long distances have somewhere to stay during their mandatory 24-hour waiting period.
  • Nnaf-logo Great Plains Fund - NNAF Tax Deductible The National Network of Abortion Funds fights against unfair laws while helping women who need abortions today. The Great Plains fund supports their work in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.
  • Lilith-fund-logo The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity Tax Deductible The Lilith Fund assists Texas women in exercising their fundamental right to abortion by removing barriers to access. Lilith provides education and outreach in local communities and direct financial assistance and counseling to women seeking to terminate a pregnancy.
  • Nnaf-fund-abortion-now Mississippi Fund - NNAF Tax Deductible Over 2,000 women a year make their way to Mississippi's last abortion clinic. With such severe limits on access, many more Mississippi residents are forced to leave the state for an abortion. The ones who remain "are often poor women of color who can't afford to go outside the state," says Dr. Willie Parker, the physician who travels to Mississippi every other week to provide care. The National Network for Abortion Funds is working to increase access to abortion in Mississippi and directly funds women seeking abortion in the state.
  • Logo-b-nnaf National Network of Abortion Funds Tax Deductible The National Network of Abortion Funds works to make sure that all women and girls can get the abortions they seek. If you are a woman looking for help paying for an abortion, we are here today to help you get what you need. The local abortion funds in our organization help women pay for abortions they can’t otherwise afford. We are leading the fight for Medicaid coverage of abortion for women with low incomes. We also work to break down the barriers to abortion for immigrant women, young women, and women in jail and prison.
  • Network-for-reproductive-options Network for Reproductive Options (NRO) Nonprofit NRO, Network for Reproductive Options, is a non-profit organization offering reproductive health support and resources to women and girls. NRO’s Hotline, staffed by trained volunteers, provides information and financial assistance to help women get the abortions they need. Our Women in Need (WIN) Fund helps hundreds of Oregon women every year thanks to our supporters.
  • Njaaf New Jersey Abortion Access Fund Nonprofit The New Jersey Abortion Access Fund is a volunteer-run organization that provides financial assistance to those seeking safe, legal abortions. We partner with providers and social service agencies in New Jersey to help women access the care they need. NJAAF provides grants to help cover the cost of an abortion or related services.
  • Screen_shot_2013-12-03_at_5.22.45_pm New York Abortion Access Fund Nonprofit The New York Abortion Access Fund believes that the people who call our hotline are experts on their own lives and that every person should be able to determine their own reproductive destiny. We believe that access to affordable abortion care is a critical component of full-spectrum healthcare services. We are working towards a world where abortion funds are not necessary because affordable, safe abortion care is part of mainstream medical practice and covered fully by all types of insurance.
  • Pbscf Peggy Bowman Second Chance Fund Tax Deductible We are the last resort for financial assistance to Kansas women who are seeking abortion services wherever they obtain an abortion in the US.
  • Logo-whole-womens-health Stigma Relief Fund Tax Deductible The Stigma Relief Fund supports abortion care in Texas through Whole Woman's Health, offering abortion care for women, by women, in a patient-centered setting.
  • Tea-fund-logo Texas Equal Access Fund Tax Deductible The Texas Equal Access Fund believes that the right to reproductive choice is denied when people are unable to access abortion services. Our clients are residents of North Texas who seek an abortion at a clinic in the region. We have helped women who are single mothers, who are living in homeless shelters, who are survivors of domestic violence, who are ill, and who are very poor. The TEA Fund helps people afford the choice that will allow them to care for the children they already have, maintain their health, pursue their educations, leave unhealthy situations, and pay the next month’s bills.
  • Screen%20shot%202013-04-18%20at%2011.43.02%20am Trust Women Foundation Tax Deductible Dedicating to preserving access to reproductive healthcare services in Wichita, KS, in Dr. Tiller's honor.
  • Wvfree WV FREE Tax Deductible WV FREE, founded in 1989, is a reproductive health, rights and justice organization that works every day for West Virginia women and families to improve education on reproductive options, increase access to affordable birth control, reduce teen pregnancy and improve adolescent health, and protect personal decision-making, including decisions about whether or when to have a child.
  • Rh RH Reality Check Tax Deductible Reproductive health & justice: news, analysis, action.
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