Texas Equal Access Fund

We might have to turn away 4,000 patients next year without your help.

The Texas Equal Access Fund provides financial assistance to low-income people who want an abortion and can't afford it. TEA Fund serves about 1,000 people each year, and receives calls from about 4,000 more whom they just don't have enough funds to help.

Your donation to Texas Equal Access Fund today will help cover a portion of the cost of an appointment at an abortion clinic in Dallas or Fort Worth. With so many Texas abortion patients now having to travel hundreds of miles from their homes to reach one of the few remaining clinics, your support is vital.

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  • Rh RH Reality Check Tax Deductible Reproductive health & justice: news, analysis, action.
  • Tea-fund-logo Texas Equal Access Fund Tax Deductible The Texas Equal Access Fund believes that the right to reproductive choice is denied when people are unable to access abortion services. Our clients are residents of North Texas who seek an abortion at a clinic in the region. We have helped women who are single mothers, who are living in homeless shelters, who are survivors of domestic violence, who are ill, and who are very poor. The TEA Fund helps people afford the choice that will allow them to care for the children they already have, maintain their health, pursue their educations, leave unhealthy situations, and pay the next month’s bills.
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